Green Hummer

Mountain Mayhem is rapidly approaching. Looks like it could be fairly wet and muddy this year. Which could make things interesting. Anyway looking ahead, there’s some new trails north of the border. I can feel another road trip coming up.

Another round of the Mountain Bike World Championship has come and gone. This time from Schladming in Austria. The results are up here. 700,000W of flood lights is fairly impressive. There’s also more over at Mountain Bike Action.

Now if someone tried to steal your bike whilst you were out riding I guess it could go a number of ways. I think if you had a gun pointed in your face like endurance specialist Tinker Juarez you’d probably give it up fairly quickly. You have to wonder though of all the places to stop why he chose such a choice spot.

Meanwhile in a cruel twist of fate, Cadel Evans is now hanging in the balance between being in and not being in T Mobile’s squad for this years Tour. Can’t see how that’s going to do anything beneficial for team morale.

Big Jonny linked this: The Green Hummer Project. He really has got a thing against stupid great 4×4 vehicles being driven by people who never take them off road and rarely take them out of the city. If you were in danger of being taken out by one on a regular basis you’d probably hate them too.

Some people just have too much time on their hands. This tune is made up completely out of the sounds made by a Windows-based computer.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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