Big ride out today, one ride I’ve been planning since February the result of combining two routes together around Bakewell, Longstone Edge and Chatsworth. It was all fairly good and another testing opportunity to iron out some more issues with the new bike. Little things that will be annoying in a race situation. Here’s a few pictures from a glorious day in the Derbyshire Dales.

_ Chatsworth _ Chatsworth _ Chatsworth _

_ Chatsworth _ Chatsworth _ Chatsworth _

_ Chatsworth _ Chatsworth _ Chatsworth _

A near perfect day almost marred with a crash on a techical downhill section. I was already off the back of the bike, hovering over the back wheel and then ended up almost losing it and getting sucked into the v-brake/frame area by the tyre. That kind of smarted a bit. Worst bit of the day was seeing the aftermath of a 40 something motorbiker getting scrapped up by the emergency services on the A6 between Buxton and Bakewell. Messy.

Looks like it could all go down in California over the next few months. If you like me hold any interest in one day riding the famous areas around San Francisco, then its in your interests to take note of this.

Big Jonny linked this recently. Seems like a fine idea to me. When can we have it here?

And finally how to go from winning to losing a sure thing in three minutes. Yeah, c’mon England. Was it the heat or was it just because they were trying too hard? Either way it was almost a great start to the football.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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