Bike Tribute

When you find out that you’ve killed a bike, there are a few things you could do, but whilst you think about what it is you want to be riding next, you could always do a sort of photo tribute to it and go through the highs and low of ownership. Sort of a bit like this.

Someone over in the ‘States has made the critical error of saying he doesn’t like Singlespeeding being the way it is. Yep it’s different and deservedly so. In what must be the first post for a long time, maybe ever without either politics or porn, Big Jonny has composed a critique and defence of the one geared riders. Unfortunately given that there is a huge amount of ‘interesting material’ over at Drunkcyclist, some of you won’t want to be reading it at work…

The Giro has passed the halfway point and Saeco have a firm rein on events. There’s more on that and the fact that Lance Armstrong’s USPS presented by Berry Floor team seem to have secured a replacement sponsor for US Postal here.

Cipolini’s departure from the Giro hasn’t been a silent event. He’s had some choice words about, well pretty much everything and is now talking of throwing in the towel before Le Tour. And finally Millar has spoken about the Cofidis shenanigans for the first time – Velonews has the article.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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