Back from Glentress

Why no photos from Glentress? Several people have asked. Well it’s because I forgot the camera, which I have started to thing was a good thing. Now normally I like stopping every now and then and taking in the scenery and the view and recording it on the camera.

Yet doing that does tend to interrupt any flow you get to your riding, so when the trails are good sometimes it’s better to ride them and not have to worry or think about anything else. Secondly I think when you’re carrying something delicate and expensive, you tend to subconsciously hold back a bit, which isn’t what you want when you’re trying to progress your riding.

Talking of progression, I have decided that there is no need for a big ring on the FSR and so I’ve just put on one of the Race Face bash guards, which is a fairly substantial piece of kit by any standards. It means the bike now has an enormous amount of BB clearance and there’s less to worry about when riding over stuff.

Steve Peat won the recent and increasingly popular Red Bull downtown race in Lisbon. There are some photos over at cyclingnews and PinkBike has the report.

Meanwhile the Giro d’Italia is in full swing. There’s plenty of coverage around, but Cyclingnews seem to be leading the way in terms of excellent reports. There’s more from the BBC and Pezcycling.

I linked up when it first started out. The site seems to be going from strength to strength, so if you haven’t been back there for a while it might be a good time to take another look. hilst you need flash to look at Leigh Hargrove’s site, it’s a class bit of work and the photos are fantastic.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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