Missed Opportunity

Well I missed the best potential day of riding of the year yesterday. Stuck indoors on call (have to respond within 3 minutes) so potential for riding is zero. At least there’s this weekend in Glentress to look forward to.

So whilst not a great option, I spent a bit of time yesterday updating the Singletrack Archive with the latest issue and mused over getting a new Singlespeed. I fancy a Kona Unit, but they’ve sold out of my size for the year. Maybe I should just get some 63mm travel forks for the Saracen? Anyway I have other things to worry about first, like the final payment on a new frame and having to pay for a replacement software key that’s gone awol.

I’ve also rejigged the bikes page. I decided that it was all a bit sad having individual specs for each bike. If it isn’t obvious from the pictures what’s on each bike people will have to ask. It also means that I know longer have to worry about keeping the specs up to date when ever I change a part. Not that I was ever overly bothered about either doing that or keeping up to the minute photos. I think the sexpest has the right idea:

Sexmidget Industries has no product to flog. Sorry about that, have to get your midgets elsewhere. It’s a website that people only read when they’re really fucking bored and waiting for something good to happen. Well; this site is totally devoid of anything entertaining apart from some stuff about riding bikes…

15/04/04 :: Been riding my bike I have. OF course, that’s not what this site is about, so here’s my new magic gallery. It’s got comments and all sorts of magic shit so you can say “oi, you sad cunt, why don’t you stop taking pictures of bikes and go knob some skanky bitches”. Which would be fair really.

Chilly has sent in this link to a site I’d never heard of before: Keen as chips. I don’t know what happened to keen as mustard, maybe chips is the new mustard. Anyway take a look at it. The Rainbow episode has gone down quite well with those that have seen it. Oh and the site doesn’t seem to work with Mozilla based browsers either. Well at least not mine anyway 😦

There’s been some fairly interesting news in the cycling world recently including word that Frigo is out of the Giro with a virus, Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme have been threatened with suspension, Simoni is back on track, a Motorist is on trial for the Otxoa accident, that the initial stage of the UK helmet bill has failed, Bruyneel is looking towards life after USPS, the Driver who hit Craig Lewis ignored officials and that Lampre have confirmed signing World Champ Astarloa . See Cyclingnews for more.

Finally – Chris are you back from the US and have you build up the Yeti yet?

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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