Drugs Bust

In the wake of the recent Kelme debacle, Manzano has just given his first interview outside of the Spanish media with Cyclingnews.com. Meanwhile while Cofidis sit out their own drugs accusations, their two top riders are increasingly linked with moves to other teams. Millar is now rumoured to be favoured by Saeco and world champion Igor Astarloa is alleged to be in discussions about a move to the Lampre team.

I’ve found a few more mountain biking websites recently so here they are. First up is Hcor.net, a freeride downhill based site a bit like NSMB, which currently has some photos from what was on show at the Sea Otter Classic. Then there is ridemonkey.com which seems to be a massive collection of discussion forums for the North American continent, one of which (the lounge) has the subtitle “working hard to get kicked out of corporate intranets.

The London Bicycle Messenger Association is pretty self explanatory. Take a look at their website.

Finally trail access issues seem to be becoming increasingly more important to a lot of riders here in the UK. Unfortunately riders in the USA, have an even worse scenario to face. Tim Blumenthal of IMBA is profiled in this article written for the on-line version of the Outside magazine. It’s long, but in my opinion, well worth the read.

Now I like taking photos whilst I’m out riding, but I only have a fairly basic digital camera, because I know the potential for stacking and wrecking something better is very real. Most digital cameras have a resolution of something in the region of 1-6 mega pixels, so seeing someone that has created a 1 giga pixel image is pretty impressive. Take a look here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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