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Traditionally an early show opportunity for new kit Sea Otter is in full swing over in the States. There is coverage from Cyclingnews and over at Mountain Bike Action. MBA also has coverage, like Singletrackworld, of the new developments to expect next year from kit manufacturers like Shimano, Fox and others.

Whilst I’m interested in bikes I believe you have to draw the line somewhere. I think I now know where this line is. For that reason whilst I am going to now link, I refuse to spend any more time on there. I just don’t think it’s healthy.

They might be a division III team, but Californian based Sierra Nevada have some seriously nice looked bikes, made by none other than the legendary Serotta. I think there is some thing about the look of this bike that just makes it look fast standing still. Now I thought they did mountain bikes too? Couldn’t see any on their site at the moment.

Now I missed reporting the fact that just prior to the track Worl Cup event here in Manchester, in the light of doping accusatiosn Cofidis pulled it’s whole team from International competition. Here’s the latest:

From: Cyclingnews
Subject: The Cofidis Situation

Voluntarily removing itself from the peloton on the eve of Paris-Roubaix to regroup after the widening revelations and allegations of doping within the team, Cofidis has yet to offer a clear indication of its intentions for the coming weeks or even months.

“The decision has allowed everyone to realise now just how serious the situation is,” Bondue explained. “The team’s existence is what’s at stake. Everyone needs to reflect. Right now we’re not going to stop. But, if the measures I propose to Cofidis aren’t convincing, the team will stop.”

The team’s three track riders, Arnaud Tournant, Mickaël Bourgain, and Laurent Gané, are in fact clear to race in competition in the colours of the French national team. The entire road squad remains in a waiting game pending developments within the team direction.

“I know that a rumour has hinted at the Four Days of Dunkerque in May, but that would be an ideal scenario,” Bondue said of a possible re-entry. “I would rather be pragmatic. We shouldn’t rush just because of the time passing, rather we should do things right. I have to propose to Cofidis measures that guarantee an ethical program following the values of the company.”

Now reports are that certain members of the team are getting restless wit the fact that the team is dormant at the one of the busiest times of the years with many riders not happy to be missing the Spring classics. With riders World class athletes like David Millar and Igor Astarloa on board it’s going to be interesting to see how long Cofidis sit it out.

Finally there are a few nice singlespeed hubs on show over at the dutch singlespeed site.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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