Rode Thetford for the first time this year this weekend. It was excellent, but yet more trees have been felled. The Forest Enterprise lot don’t seem to be replanting much at the moment so there’s a fair few desolate spaces around and about. That and the motocross racing had left some fairly significant changes since my last trip.

Jed kindly led the way and guided through the usual excellent sections on both sides of the road. Including both the old and the new rollercoaster. I’m of much the same opinion as several others – it isn’t worthy of the name ‘the beast’ but it is definitely a rollercoaster ride, just keep off the brakes and trust your tyres. There was also some mini-shore dotted around which was interesting and certainly seemed to compliment the existing trails.

Well a bit of riding a bit of working out in the country air and that was Easter in Norfolk and now it’s back to the City life. I’ve been back about 24 hours now and I’ve just about caught up from a week off, e-mails, phone calls, jobs and a bit of work.

I knew I was back in Manchester within minutes when some kids decided they’d try some moving target practice on my car as I drove back into the City last night. Quite what it was (half brick, beer bottle, etc) that bounced off the car I’m not sure but I’m amazed there was no damage given the hefty thump.

All sorts has been happening in the last week and there’s some good stuff for updates over the next few days, but this made me smile. Scam you say? And what is a costumer query? Does this look like a cyber-haberdashery?

From: Barongan
Subject: Costumer Query

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Willy, I interest to make order from your store, I’m not sure
if you have the products which I wish, but I really hope you can help me.
Below the detail producst which I wish to buy from you:
# Rockshox SID World Cup
# Shimano XTR Groupset(Kits) + Shimano XTR Wheelsets
# Compagnolo Record Groupset(Kits) + Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL
Do you have in your stock?
if you don’t have this in your stock, what you suggest for me?
for the payment method I will use credit card, Do you accept payment with
this method?
also do you can ship your products world wide (Indonesia)?
I look forward to hear your answer soon.
Thank you very much.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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