Koga Miyata

Sunday opening is back for the summer and given the forecast for the weather and the fact I’ve been feeling a bit run down, I decided to work rather than try riding this weekend even though Jed was riding the Welsh trails. From what I hear he enjoyed it despite the rain…

Graeme Obree is on something of a comeback at the moment which has to be a good thing for British Cycling. He is currently bidding to reclaim the world hour record set by Boardman in 2000. According to Cyclingnews, Obree has not set a date for his record attempt but Sunday will provide an indicator of his condition.

“If the test goes well, I plan to attack the world record fairly quickly,” Obree said. “Boardman’s distance [49.441 km] won’t be easy to beat, but I’m hopeful. I’ve followed a very strict training plan and even if I’m two kilos heavier than I was in 1993, it’s two kilos of muscle.”

Back in the 90s Greg Herbold used to ride Koga Miyata and I reckon if it wasn’t for him they’d be even less well known than they are. Well the word is that they’ll soon be available in the UK again. Here’s the website.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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