Last night I had my first experience of getting sideways to the accompaniment of squealing tyres and burning rubber. Thirty-eight like-minded lunatics descended on Daytona go-karting in Trafford Park and carnage ensued. I made it through the heats and the semis to the final only to be put into the wall on the fourth lap of the final from second place by one of my colleagues from work…

Great fun and I think the general consensus is to do it again soon, I’m not sure how much cross-over there is in terms of handling and reaction skills between two wheels and four, but I’m still buzzing off the petrol fumes.

Riding in Switzerland’s Valais region: ‘By the end of our trip we had descended nearly 80,000′ – with some days over 14,000′ – and slept and drank wine in high alpine chalets overlooking towns and peaks for as far as the eye could see. By day seven, it became hard to recall all of the previous rides’. Read the story and see the pictures over at NSMB.

Importers of fine steel, Sorted Cycles, have a new front page up replacing the excellent and much discussed bikespotting page. Check it out here.

I’m not convinced by Santa Cruz, but they’re extremely popular bikes. Daevh’s Bullitt though is a nice looking bike that’s been well spec’d up

And finally there is a public service announcement from the JonWIII over at his website, debating the organisational level of University Cycling Clubs and the Pope’s cock. Read more

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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