Thetford Enduro

The Thetford Enduro is back on. Sunday 15th February, Mayday Meadow, Thetford Forest. More details over at Flowracing.

This is Chris Garwood’s website, which has a domain name that I’m sure a few others would probably be keen to have. Seems to be based in the East, which is where I’m from, it’s a great place to be but give me Manchester and it’s proximity to great riding areas any day. Sorry, but there’s only so much Thetford can offer.

Easy Rider is a film that caught the essence of the 1960s road trip and inspired many to follow suit. It’s also become a bit of a classic with a cult following. Strange how things like that happen, because there are people who have taken to converting bikes to look like motorbike cruisers.

Some are just monstrous, and completely over-the-top unless you’re into chrome and others have been done with a touch of class, like these from Cooper Custom, I mean check out this bad boy

If you’ve ever bought an album, be it on cd or vinyl then have a look at this album cover challenge over at the rather nice Meish.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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