Wales Calling

The first ride of the year today and a welcome return to the Gwydyr Forest above Betws-y-Coed. Thanks to Steve Makin and friends for the open invitation. Given the forecast we were exceptionally lucky with the weather and the excellent drainage on the Marin trail means it wasn’t a mudfest. Here’s a few pictures.

_ Roy is shocked by Steve M's suggestion... _ Bluebird Day _ Bltzing the section by the carpark _

_ Quiet Trails _ Fantastic singletrack _ The weather held _

“He probably won’t do too much on the road, all of his preparation will be for the Games, where he wants to win gold.”

Those are the words of team manager Fons Leroy, about his latest signing World Mountain Bike Champion Filip Meirhaeghe, who along with bronze medalist Roel Paulissen have signed contracts with the new Division III team Vlaanderen 2016, according to VRT Teletekst. Meirhaeghe, who rode for Domina Vacanze last year, will be the team’s top rider and will have the freedom to choose his own program this year. There’s more at cyclingnews.

The return of the British road racing scene? There are two new five day events on the horizon for 2004: Tour of Scotland (25-29th August) and Tour of Britain pro road race (1st-5th September). More news as and when.

For those wanting to know what’s happening on the mtb scene in terms of a US perspective, there’s a good review of recent events over at Mountain Bike Action.

There have been some issues with the site for those users still using Internet Explorer version 5x on there PC’s. Hopefully thanks to a rather useful solution this is no longer an issue.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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