Fire 1 Bike 0

Twelve days to go to Christmas. Better get the decos up then. I’ve posted this before, but as it’s the right time of year, it’s worth revisiting a winter epic.

Apparently there are still people out there riding this years Specialized Enduro Expert, which came fitted with 8″ Shimano disc rotors. Fox Forx aren’t warranted against use with such big rotors, so if you know some one who’s got one and hasn’t had it changed yet, they need to take it back to their Specialized Dealer who should have the replacement 6″ discs in stock.

From Cyclingnews:

Fire 1 Bike 0

Southern California’s recent fires also claimed one or two bikes, including this titanium machine built by San Diego-based custom frame builder Bill Holland. Speedplay’s Richard Bryne took these pictures after the owner’s 3-storey house was consumed by fire. Imagine coming home to find that?

custom build ti - roasted
Toasted titanium?

The recently-molten blob underneath the bike is all that remains of the Campagnolo groupset. It’s not surprising that the frame remains more-or-less recognizable and the components are toast, though. Titanium melts at 1660ºC, aluminium at a mere 660ºC. There’s a reason supersonic spyplanes have titanium skins.

Lance Armstrong says his sole objective next year is to win the Tour de France for a record sixth time. “I’m more motivated to win a sixth Tour de France than I think I was to win five,” the American U.S. Postal rider told a news conference in Brussels on Friday. There’s more in this article over at Velonews.

I spoke to a good friend today who tells me that these are selling like hot cakes in some parts. Strange that.

We’ve had t’internet radio in’t shop for a while now. Beatblender from the listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative San Francisco station Soma FM, is keeping us chilled, even when things have been getting frantic. It’s worth a listen.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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