There are a few new wallpapers available following Sunday’s little adventure. Check them out here.

Steve Peat is not only one of the World’s best mountain bike gravity pilots, but it seems he’s a real life action hero too. This story reports him imposing some justice on the mean streets of America.

Mountain biking has taken me to some of the most scenic corners of Britain, it has given me views that only the minority will glimpse. If I think about it hard enough the essence of my mountain biking is that which surrounds me whilst I’m doing it. Be that companionship, scenery, weather conditions or the lack of a certain problem that’s been weighing me down…

Dave Barter has been writing quite a bit recently, I think he’s looking for a column in one of the bike mags, you can check his work out over at his site, phased. I reckon if he can sustain the quality of the writing he’s been producing he’s likely to find something pretty soon. Good luck to him.

There is a suspension company that will service your Marzocchi forks and sort you out with a rather clever rear shock, check out Stendec, the Romic shock importers. They even do a product testing service, so you can try out a shock before you buy it via this on-line service.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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