New Zealand

I’m not sure what to make of this mountain bike boardgame. Perhaps it’s something that you could do if you were ever snowed-in whilst out on an epic adventure in the wilderness. The rest of the time I think you just have to be on the scotch.

Fortunately this website on mountain biking in New Zealand is a bit more interesting. I have to say though these guys have it sorted, with organised Heli-Biking in those popular southern hemisphere Islands..

This is Piers Barber’s website, The Power of One, it’s about bikes with one gear, bikes with one in their name and one rather competitive rider. He also makes a fair point:

This is the only website I know of that’s dedicated to a bike frame. And to look at it, it’s not the most beautiful bike frame in the world. Those are made by De Rosa .

Here’s a link to the Velo News website. It’s a rather good American bike mag that doesn’t get seen much over here, see what you think. If you haven’t seen the mag before it’s worth trying to get hold of a copy.

Apparently the Women’s Sports Foundation has slams the “appalling” media coverage of female sport in Britain, something that will resonate with UK fans of Nicole Cooke, the all-conquering cyclist who gets precious few mentions in the mainstream press, despite her success. Read the full article over at Bikebiz.

Finally next years T-Mobile team line up is looking pretty awesome, check these big names: Ullrich, Vinokourov, Botero, Savoldelli, and Evans. Lance Armstrong’s USPS team will be facing possibly their biggest challenge yet if they are to help their leader set a record six tour wins. There’s more over at cycling news.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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