Off Track

Had some criticism about the site today, apparently there’s been too much road stuff on here recently and that’s just not in keeping with the mountain bike image. Well it’s all cycling and both the roadies and mountain bikers out there deserve equal respect as far as I’m concerned.

In both disciplines technology is continually pushing forward and the cross overs are of benefit to all of us. Magnesium alloy, Scandium alloy, Metal Matrix, Titanium, Carbon, Boron Steel, all the latest material advances can be found in both mountain biking and road. We all get something out of it so I reckon it’s all good.

This is not so good, well for some at least, the UCI are not allowing disc brakes in Elite-level cyclo cross races until the technology has been approved. Read more here.

I think everyone has met, at sometime or another, someone like Dave:

Dave has a hard bike. An old Apollo, crusted in the same dirt now as the day he first rode it. The tyres are bald, the seat (more like a comfy chair) is ripped, the tubing…. lead? A chainlock lays twisted around the seatpost, rusted in place for eternity, or until it can be hacksawed off. The handlebar grips tend to slide off at inopportune times, and there’s half a computer sensor hanging from the fork (rigid, of course). Dave’s maintenance techniques are unique, to say the least…

Read more here.

I was asked yet again today to try and explain why singlespeeding is such a big thing. Well first time I tried it I hated it. First time I tried beer, I hated that too…

Somethings just grow on you. You have to try it to understand what makes it so good.

On the other hand you can try and explain it to people, but I honestly don’t think any amount of explaining can really make them understand. However if you want to know more take a look at Nick Wallis’ 32sixteen site and the old version here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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