Singlespeed Yo-Yo

Well I tried to sell it, I thought about keeping it and now the Singlespeed is back. Full spec and a picture are now up on the site, click here for more.

There may be a simple and effective solution to the much discussed quick release and disc brake wheel ejection problem. These skewers from Neuvation open outside of the fork bosses and have two locking positions so you have to hold a button to open or close them. Orbit are the UK importer, the owner of which Simon Gershon (my old employer from my time at Freewheel in Manchester) has just announced has intention to get out of the bike trade and go and study at a Scottish university. I’m saying nothing, especially nothing about…

The Swiss company Oval concepts produce these rather radical forks, which are claimed to be the most aerodynamically advanced forks on the market (this test says Reynolds might have the upper hand). The Oval design is so radical that the UCI banned them from use in this years Giro until they had passed their new technology testing. They’ve just given them the stamp of approval. Keep an eye out for them in the major races next year – Cannondale have already struck a deal with Oval.

Thanks to Ben for pointing out that there are some Red Bull Rampage videos up over at nsmb, I know some people are getting bit bored with the freeride thing now, but you have to admit the riders at the Rampage are on a another level.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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