David Millar devastated the field in the World Championships time trial today winning by over 1 minute 25 seconds. Millar’s been on the up in cycling for a few years and it’s fantastic to see him take the rainbow stripes at last. Following on from his recent stage win in the Vuelta, Millar now has the Olympics in his targets as his next goal.

Only problem is with the ongoing feud between the UCI and WADA, cycling may not even be in the Olympics. As Bikebiz has reported: At the World Championships in Hamilton, Canada, WADA president Dick Pound threatened to exclude cycling from next year’s Athens Olympics if it doesn’t adopt the new WADA anti-doping code. A new rule in the Olympic Manifesto makes it obligatory for sports to sign up to the code.

The UCI has stated previously that it believes cycling is being unfairly targeted by WADA.

Chilly has some more photo’s from Dusk til Dawn up on his site, Giant Pygmy, in the photo section, take a look.

Will the music industry ever learn from trying to control music on the Internet? Probably not before they’ve lost several billion. They need to learn to find a way to work with the Internet, not against it. It’s like trying to swim against an approaching Tsunami.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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