Smelly Plastic

The Vuelta looks like it will have been decided by today’s mountain time trial stage. Roberto Heras is the new leader after crushing Isidro Nozal who could only scrape 43rd. Heras now has a 28 second advantage over Nozal with just one stage to go.

Winter has begun to claw back some of the weather. The summer has been so good, I guess it had to happen, but it’s been such a fantastic few months I think everyone’s a bit miffed to see it go. Anyway it’s already time to start unpacking some of the winter gear, thermal base layers, down jackets, long sleeve tops and bottoms, fleeces.

Fleeces, a fantastic invention. Take knackered old plastic bottles and by processing them turn them into polyester thread and make a textile. One which a certain manufacturer claims is a super friendly, hypoallergenic material. It doesn’t absorb water, break down in appearance or absorb odours. That’s why it’s the backbone for all our Polartec® fabrics.

So why is it that there are so many absolutely stinking fleece jackets being worn by people? Aren’t the fabric treatment instructions clear? Have they run out of soap powder? You can tell it’s nearly winter when you start to get the whiff of a few crusty, sweaty fleeces.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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