Issue 11

Yesterdays stage of the Vuelta was won by Fassa Bortolo’s Alessandro Petacchi, which means the Italian has now clocked up twelve Grand Tours stage victories this year. ‘After the stage, Miguel Martín Perdiguero (Domina Vacanze) echoed the thoughts of many when he said about Petacchi, “Every sprint he has, every sprint he wins. There’s no doubt he is unbeatable this year”‘, read more here.

MBA has a report on the recent World Champs – did you know Filip’s win in the Mens XC is the first title secured on a full susser? There’s more pictures and info on the new Specialized S-Works road bikes, the Tarmac and the Roubaix over at cyclingnews.

Issue 11 of Singletrack is at the printers and should be with subscribers by the beginning of next week. In preparation I’ve given the Information Bureau a bit of a face lift and I reckon it looks better for it.

We're not worthy! we're not worthy!
We’re not worthy.

I think I’ve finally found someone with a greater vision than the Designers Republic and that person is Eric Jordan. His web design company, 2advanced studios is pretty much in a league of its own. If you’ve got a reasonable spec computer with the latest versions of flash and quicktime and are hooked up to broadband then link up to it, version 3 of his site is up here.

Want to look at something cool, then look up either the Oakley or Ford GT40 sites under the portfolio section. Not impressed? Then take a look at the 25 milligrams quicktime movie in the exploratory section. What do other people think?

I can totally appreciate the amount work that must have gone into designing and implementing 2advanced. What do I feel when navigating their site? Inspiration. What’s the best aspect of their site? In my opinion, it’s their explicit use of modularity or classes with timely function calls to create seamless rollover effects. Quite frankly, I have not seen anything else like this! Have you explored their portfolio? 2advanced is the bomb!

Oh and by the way, if you thought that was pretty good, then he’s already moved on, the current version (mark 4) is up here. Again more great stuff if you dig around for it. Now there’s a fair bit of arguing going on about the originality of the work, but as it has been said “talent borrows, genius steals”, so have a look at gmunk and see if you think it’s competition or not.

Anyways, if you like this kinda thing take a look at pixelranger’s work here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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