Monster Eurobike photogallery over at cyclingnews, check it out. There’s more from the show here. Synchros and Voodoo showed that the mighty come back is still possible in the bike world, but unlike onZa they haven’t completely changed their target market.

In/out, in/out (shake it all about). Is Cipo a bit of a shark when it comes to media publicity? Can’t say I blame him for wanting to opt out of the Vuelta to increase his chances of a better show at the Worlds, but then you can’t blame the Spaniards for kicking his outfit out of the race.

The Swiss continue to dominate and now have a new generation of rising stars. Liam Kileen, came close, but as you could say was first loser, just missing out on a podium placing after getting a puncture. The Eclipse tubeless system is the way ahead and if it’s good enough to take Frischi to the top step of the podium, it’s good enough to get taken seriously. I’ve been puncture free since installing it…

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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