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More photos from Sleepless in the Saddle have been posted up and about on the internet, a few even featured the team. I haven’t thanked our support team yet, so this is a big thanks to Jo for being there. Nick B was riding in the pairs category too, he and his team mate were the numbers preceeding us and he had this to say:

From: Nick B
Subject: Sleepless in the Saddle

I know how hot it was out there, that heat wasn’t funny at all. I drank my 2 litre Camelbak dry after a lap and a half, just trying to wash the dust out of my throat. Was going at what I thought was a comfortable speed for the first couple of laps, but by lap four I slowed right down because I felt so shaky. Couldn’t believe I felt so bad after just 30 odd miles, it was quite depressing. Started to pick up again once things got cooler though, but really for a long long time it was more about surviving than enjoying the thing. Hard bloody event…

I think that pairs was an evil category to be in with those conditions… a lot of the pairs riders, myself included, started off at a pace closer to what they’d have ridden at in a team rather than solo speed, if you know what I mean. Really hard to judge things right when your brain has started melting!

jed on the loud pedal... _ jed picking his line.... _ really fast bit...

I’m getting ready to head off to the Channel Islands on Friday at the moment. There’s not going to be much happening on the site until I get back, so don’t be expecting any updates for a while. This is where I’m going.

If I ever manage to get over to British Colombia, this site could be damn useful. Loads of trails mapped out and plenty of local knowledge on offer. Seems to be pretty up-to-date too. The Numplumz team were out in force at Sleepless last weekend, this is where you can find them lurking.

And following news of the recent rejiggling at Titec, more news reports of the loss of what had been a rising star within the British component manufacturing scene. Forge’s mountain bike parts arm has been folded following the loss of their product developer. That is a bit of a bugger, because they were doing some really nice kit.

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