Tubeless Setup

Ordered some Eclipse sealant from Jon over at Just Riding Along. I’m hoping it’s going to do the business for the UST tyres at Sleepless, after my first puncture using UST tyres (took over 500 miles) I’m hoping that this will mean no more punctures for a very long time. Jon is racing in a pair too, so Jed and I have some very strong competition.

This is just typical of this bloody country, during last year’s British round of the World Rally Championship, a large number of the drivers were busted by speed cameras and now are all being prosecuted. I don’t know how many tens of millions the events generates for the local economy and aids the community, but last time I looked South Wales was in need of all the investment it could muster. If this legal action leads to the region losing the competition some heads need knocking together.

Remember that pick of Dave Watson’s jump over the Tour posted last week? Well the word is it’s a fake. The real photos haven’t been published yet. More news as and when.

Following on from yesterday’s post about the Simplon race, the Trans Alp race finished at the end of last month. There’s another Trans Alp report here. That and the Grand Raid Cristalp is also on the way. There’s some good riding out there in Europe and the World Champs are in Lugano. It’s all very Swiss on the mountain bike scene at the moment.

Some disappointing news in the world of road bikes. ONCE have decided to pull out of sponsoring a pro team from the end of this season. It’s going to be a shame to lose a team which has always seemed to be very popular with the followers of the Tour. I’m sure Beloki and the rest of the team will soon get picked up by a new major sponsor.

The chain gang tonight was assisted greatly on the return leg by a fairly strong tail wind. We were cruising back at about 25-28mph. Must admit I’m a bit gutted not to have set any speed cameras off. There were a few opportunities, but I just didn’t have it in my legs.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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