Back to work today and exhausted after a few days in Norfolk. Getting out of bed this morning was a struggle. It’s a good thing that snooze buttons were invented otherwise I’d be stuffed on many occasions. The drive back last night was long, especially with the dense mist over the Pennines. I felt sorry for the poor soul who had rolled their car onto it roof up on the Snake Pass, visibility was about 5 metres when I crossed over about 1am.

There was so much post to be taken today I resorted to the trailer. As the hitch couldn’t be fitted the whole affair was held in place by a toe strap to the back of the singlespeed. It’s probably the most unstable trailer I’ve ever used, the thing has a tendency to roll and keel over at random. Its high centre of gravity and narrow axle just make that thing crash and burn. It did four times. If I ever need one, I’ll be wanting a BOB Yak.

The team jerseys are ready and look mighty fine. I’m pretty stoked that they’ve come out so well, given that the design aspect was pretty much scribbles on bits of paper and a few photocopied graphics. Big thanks to the the T-Shirtman printers on Oldham Street.

The quick release and suspension fork saga continues. James Annan doesn’t feel that things are necessarily going in the right direction on Singletrackworld, but in my mind the poor people bouncing ideas around the better and it does seem now that a few people are working on identifying the factors that need to be considered in the situation. There’s more in this article from Phil Osman and this subsequent forum posting.

Talking of postings this was up on the STW forum too. Sad news if the JMC foundation has folded.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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