Tour Update

Well there’ve been a few changes on over the last few days and there’s more to come once I get my head around some scripts. Trying to simplify things and add some new stuff in at the same time. Hope it’s working.

The Tour is looking no less certain than before. Ullrich took two seconds out of Armstrong through sprint bonuses today. The time trial tomorrow looks like it might decide it, but many people are hoping that it’ll go to a show down in Paris. The team are still lurking in the lower rankings hampered by being reduced to five men, van Bon was in the breakaway in yesterday’s stage which probably did something for the overall team status. Might have moved up a place…

Team jerseys and artwork were dropped off at the printers today and by this time next week there’ll be some kit to collect. Pictures when it arrives. Riding in Thetford at some point next week and looking forward to catching up with Jed and Chilly.

Loads of Triathletes kicking around Manchester at the moment getting ready for the World Cup race down at Salford Quays. More about the event here. Most of them are interesting, friendly and good to talk too, but in the same breath their bikes get a hell of a hammering and not much looking after. I wonder how many races are lost due to mechanical failure? I was chatting to Heather Evans who came 4th in the Commonwealth Games last year today and having spoken to people like Michellie Jones in the past, I reckon it’s just that Triathletes spend so much time doing training that they just don’t have time to get kit fixed and serviced.

Johnny Waddell is out of his coma and recovering, Dave Watson has spoken about his Le Tour gap jump over at Velo News and this these are some survival tips for cyclists from our caring government. Just don’t say they never do anything for cyclists, mmm okay?

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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