Tour d’Afrique

Le Tour is turning out to be the stuff that the grand races should be made of. Nail-biting, tense, action-packed and uncertain. I don’t know if Lance will still be wearing yellow in Paris, but he’s going to really have to fight for it if he wants to keep it on his shoulders. For those of us without the benefit of cable or satellite, Eurosport‘s live coverage on their website offers some sort of substitute. Two more days in the Pyrenees to go.

Team rothar continue to tumble down the rankings. Next year I’ll possibly take the whole thing more seriously. Then again…

6,600 miles, 120 days, deserts, risk of disease and possible death and an $8,000 entry fee. That’d be the Tour d’ Afrique then, well more like a race across Africa. Mental. How long before there’s a race around the World? And this – is outrageous! I’ve expressed my dislike for 29ers before. Now they’ve been sanctioned. Where will the madness end? Mr Gary Fisher has a lot to answer for. Talking of UCI things this year’s MTB World Champs are in Lugano on the Swiss/Italian border. Biker might be making it over for some of the action…

I’ve been pretty impressed with tubeless tyres so far. These guys have obviously had a rough time, because this just isn’t the work of satisfied customers. And on that note and because I don’t want to talk about customers, I’m off for some beer and to design some jerseys.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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