Riding with Corty

The Corster and I rode out tonight, managed to clock up fifty miles in Cheshire. Guess we should make the most of this good weather while it lasts and it was good tonight. First time out on the road bike in a long time. Always feels weird going back to narrow drop bars after riding mountain bikes with risers.

Team Jelly weren’t at Mountain Mayhem (I keep wanting to call it the Red Bull) this year, but Martyn was up for another crack at it and managed to pull a team together, building upon his pairing from last years Dusk to Dawn. This race report made its way into my inbox:

This year saw Martyn Taylor as team captain, with Ian Jones, Ian Warnes and Ian Freeman as the team members. Ian Warnes crashed on his 2nd lap when someone passed but “didn’t leave enough room” and he hit a tree. Hurt his knee and back. Ian Freeman crashed on his 4th lap at night when crossing the water rutts beside the lake. He always took the lefthand line but went off course slightly and came off and landed on a tree stump. Obviously Stadiums weren’t bright enough.

It seems that there was some arguing and bitching in the team and the end result was to be placed 129th. Surprising really because with all those e’s you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d be wired out of their heads. Talking of 24hr endurance Jed and I have been accepted into the pairs category at Sleepless in the Saddle. That is going to be either good fun or complete carnage. Hoping it’s not going to be the latter.

5th Element shock for the FSR. Should I, shouldn’t I? Decisions, decisions, if I get it I’ll need it before I head to Switzerland next Friday, which is going to necessitate a trip down south.

Breakfast ride and Calderdale night ride tomorrow. It’s going to be proper ‘bo.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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