Laura Boo

Dave Wilson out in Iraq sent in a copy of this article. Looks like Mr Bush has some interesting family history. And this rocked up from Laura:

From: Laura

Subject: No Subject

hey hunny just a quick one! we’ve had tons of snow here! its been dumping all week! done quite a bit of riding! taking the day off chillin with my friends after a pretty heavy night last night! plus some of the roads are still blocked to get to some of the better resorts after a few feet of snow yesterday! my best friend from england is here until to tomorrow so its been awesome to see her! well my spring break is over now! 6 weeks of uni left! whooopeee! ok will speak to you soon Lxx

So where’s the good snow been this year? Well pretty much everywhere from what I can tell, Europe’s been good and as normal the North American resorts are getting plenty of powder. Well, I had one powder day in two weeks boarding this year can’t complain about that, but I do NEED a longer board.

Todays excitement was managing to get food poisoning from last nights dinner. Been as sick as a dog all morning and I still feel pretty rough now and I’m getting hungry. Typical isn’t it just get the bike ready to ride then something comes along to bugger things up. No riding for me tomorrow.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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