Dangerous Driving

First up a snow report from Boulder, CO.:

From: Laura

Subject: Fluffy White Stuff

A bit of snow! we had 38 inches in 24 hours! they had to close the ski resorts! nightmare!

That by any one’s reckoning is a lot of snow. Definitely a long board powder riding say once they reopen things. Probably not much consolation to those people stuck in an airport or hotel unable to get to the resorts. Anyway whilst the mountainous heart of the USA is smothered in snow, the American military machine starts rolling.

On bike-related matters, the road rage driver who reversed over a four year old girl and her father after he was heckled for cutting them up has been sent down, it seems he wasn’t to happy with the verdict. Full story here. I haven’t much time for people like that it was a malicious and premeditated act and the fact neither were killed by his two tonne Land Rover is a miracle. How can you stop people like that returning to the roads, even if they are banned? Well other than inflicting some sort of serious corporal punishment, I’d say it was pretty damn hard.

An update on the Coed Y Brenin situation came through the post today. A letter on behalf of Bob Farmer at Forestry Enterprise arrived in response to the one I sent regarding Dafydd and Sian’s situation. It merely repeats tha statement previously issued and reported here.

Don’t know what I was expecting really, but it’s good to see that they actually did receive, acknowledge and respond to the initial letter. They’re now also asking for riders input in how the site is developed in future and full details are available on the Singletrack website.

Oh and it turns out some people have been sending me e-mails but I haven’t been getting them. So if you’ve mailed me and I haven’t responded, there’s a strong chance I never received it.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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