Break In

Not a good day here in Manchester:

Author: northwave Date: 17/03/03 11:16

Dropped the demo bike back at work this morning to discover that on Sunday night the shop suffered a professional robbery. If anyone is offered any of the following under suspicious circumstances please phone the shop at the number below. We have copies of all the frame numbers involved: Specialized (Epic (including an obviously labelled demo bike), Enduro, Stumpjumper, Rockhopper & Hardrock bikes) Trek (full range of hardtail mountain bikes) BMX (Hoffman, Nirve, Felt, Mongoose, MacNeil, etc) Harry Hall Cycles, Manchester 0161 236 5699 Understandably Graham Hall and all the staff are in a state of shock and with Forensics in this morning it’s a stark reminder of what’s happened.

More news as and when it arrives. Not much else happening really other that the UK is going to follow the US into a bloody war with Iraq. I object to this conflict because our leader, has failed to take account of public opinion and attempted to seek a peaceful resolution. Many innocent people are going to die as a consequence and many soliders will needlessly be injured or killed. An already fragile environment in what was once the cradle of civilisation will be destroyed too. Michael Moore has some good opinions on the situation. Read more here. And if you’ve never looked you could always try some independent views here.

Author: Cris Bloomfield

Usually mountain biking in the North.

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