Tango and Cash

This message came in last month and I forgot to post it!

From: Rick McKee
Subject: Cape Epic

Hey Cris,

Just found your web site while cruising around. I did the Transalp Challenge this year, which was AWESOME, so I am sure you are in for a treat on the Epic.

Gimme a shout back and lemme know if you can set up a link to my site, and I will do the same for you, yeah?



Tango & Cash, Transalp Challenge 2006

Cape Epic 2007

2007 sees a new challenge for the rothar.com race team. In support of the CF Trust, we’re going to be undertaking the Cape Epic, one of the toughest mountain bike races on the planet and we want your sponsorship. We need corporate sponsorship to help us make the trip a reality in terms of race entry fees and travel costs – if you think you can help please contact us. We also need your help to raise money. You can make a donation by visiting the justgiving website for the team – all donations made here will go directly to the CF Trust.

The Race

The Cape Epic is the largest full-service mountain bike stage race in the world. The South African Epic, presented by adidas, will kick off for the fourth time on 24 March 2007 in Knysna and lead over 900 mountain bikers from across the globe through the magnificent scenery of the Western Cape. Finishers will have to ride more than 900 gruelling kilometres and climb some 16000 vertical metres during their adventurous eight-day journey ending on 31 March 2007 at the Cape Winelands just outside Cape Town.

Cris & Tyrrell on the Trans Cambrian trail May 2006. Photo: Paul Childerhouse
Cris & Tyrrell in Wales. Photo: Paul Childerhouse

The rothar.com race team

In one shape or form for the last 5 years the rothar.com race team has been participating in endurance mountain bike events. The pair of riders teaming up for the Cape Epic are work colleagues from The University of Manchester’s STARS IT Services department, British rider Cris Bloomfield and South African Tyrrell Basson. Rider profiles can be obtained by visiting the links below:

Rider Profile: Cris Bloomfield
Rider Profile: Tyrrell Basson

In May 2006 as a build up to events over the summer season Tyrrell and Cris rode the Trans-Cambrian Trail which is a three day cross-country epic across upland Wales and is a test of stamina, commitment and climbing ability. In July 2006 as part of a mixed team of five they participated in the Bontrager Twentyfour12 24hr Mountain Bike Race. The team entered with one goal: To finish the first ever Twentyfour12 event as a mixed fun team. The result: 2nd place in class (finishing just minutes behind the 1st place team) with 30 laps. If they had entered in the open mixed team category they would have placed in the top three too.

Tyrrell’s pride in his South African roots led to him suggesting an entry in the Cape Epic and both Cris and Tyrrell are delighted to have been offered an opportunity to race in this magical and untamed African point to point race. As a team they recognise the commitment that this race requires and both riders are currently putting together a good training schedule based on the experiences of other riders.

Cris & Tyrrell on the Trans Cambrian trail May 2006. Photo: Paul Childerhouse
On the Trans Cambrian Trail. Photo: Paul Childerhouse

Bontrager Twentyfour12 2006

Bontrager Twentyfour12: Giant Rothar Dead SA Pygmy Pineapple Racing

Racers: Paul Childerhouse, Phil Buick, Cris Bloomfield, Tyrrell & Gilly Basson Support: Imogen Buick

Result: 2nd


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