I am out of the race. Yesterday’s ride just exhausted any reserves I had left and I was running on fumes from just after the first water point. Although we made it over the last big climb, heavy traffic (which meant pushing rather than riding) and heavier legs made riding hellish.

Although we left waterpoint two, after about 50m it was clear that I was running on empty and turned back and dropped out. As one of the last competitors, it was a make or break decision and I decided to walk out rather than get med-evac’d again. Tyrrell rode a superb final section and finished in good time. I am finding it hard to come to terms with being out of the race. All I can think of are all those emotional clips of pro riders dropping out of Le Tour.

5 Responses to “Out”

  1. nick Says:

    Gutted for you fella. Well done for your efforts and a cracking read.

  2. macpuppy Says:

    merde …. give it a day and you’ll be ready to think about going back to settle the score next year :O)

  3. samuri Says:

    sorry to hear that Chris, never mind. Better luck next time. Good write up.

  4. chilly Says:

    Hang in there, you’ve done a whole load more than most of us could manage. I’m impressed.

  5. SamCarter Says:

    Well done Cris you’ve done really well to get this far. You deserve a break and a massage in the sun shine.

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