I suppose from a marketing perspective, some one, some where thought that calling an energy drink Pussy was a good idea. After all most 16-24 year old men wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to drink from the furry cup if the prospect was that it might lead to better things. Thing is this doesn’t promise any such thing, but it does contain milk thistle. Which sounds to me like something that you’d find usually being eaten by Highland Cattle.

Pussy Pussy

One of my students gave me some of this and told me to try it. They said it was like Red Bull, but tasted better. They were wrong, it doesn’t. The initial taste was of coconuts and became worse. I have a word of advice, avoid this drink. I suspect that drinking stagnant peat bog water might be a more pleasant experience. You certainly wouldn’t want to drink that twice either.

I’ll be sticking with Red Bull when I need an energy and caffiene boost.

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