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January 20th, 2015

Many moons ago I started mountain biking and when I watched the Cyclocross racing in Durham last year, it fired up a desire to get back to my roots. My early mountain biking had a lot in common with Cyclocross so it seemed logical to give it a crack. With my mates Cheri Mills and Neil Mottershed we signed up for the final round of the Lazer NWCCA league at Dalton near Skelmersdale. I was rubbish, but trundled round, nothing broke and I want to do it again and do better. Roll on next season.

Cross Racing

Cross Racing

Cross Racing

Great atmosphere, good sense of camaraderie and a chance to put an American import to it’s intended purpose.

Cross Racing

September 25th, 2008

Just so you know, that godawful noise as I pass you is not my knees about to explode, it’s my commuter bike. I have destroyed another Truvativ bottom bracket. This isn’t a good thing – this one’s only six months old. I’d love to claim that it was the result of my raw, explosive sprinting power and brute strength, but the sad truth is that it’s probably my frame whih needs the bottom bracket cups facing. The entire drivechain needs replacing, so I think that there’s going to be some TLC spent on the bike before it heads into winter…

A few months ago I was contacted by some guys interested in beasting themselves over the Cape Epic route. They’ve been keeping a blog of their preparations. Check it out here. I’d hoped to be riding there again, but it’s not going to happy this year and as there’s so many other great places in the world to ride, I think I’m going to focus on looking for a new international challenge.

The Epic. Should I?
July 21st, 2008

A reader sent an email in recently regarding the Cape Epic having read the blog posts from the 2007. They seem to have caused some worries. It seems that the two have just been accepted onto the 2009 race. With no mountain biking experience they’re starting to worry about what they’re letting themselves in for. Here are the questions and my advice:

Is it madness to attempt this? We’re both 30 and fit with 9 months to train, but we’ve never done serious mountain biking, let alone raced. Should we forget all about it and save ourselves the bother?

It’s not madness, but be in no doubt that this is an exceptionally hard event. Some of the best mountain bikers in the world will be there and the level of racing is generally of a high standard. That said not every one is a pro and you will undoubtedly find other riders of a similar level to yourself – whatever that level ends up being – because the field is massive.

What’s the best way to start training, to get the right equipment etc? Are there any UK marathon racing experts or coaches that we should speak to? I guess the ideal might be some guy near London who has a bike shop and is a racing expert who’d fancy helping us get the right kit and maybe take us out on a few bike rides too…

Ride your bike as much as possible and with your team mate as often as possible. We lost 45 minutes on one stage because of poor communication so you need to practice riding with each other and talking as much as possible. In terms of coaching then I can’t advise. I would try and find a road club and get some road miles in with a regular chaingang.

St Alfred's Pass out of Knysna

Are there any particular websites or clubs for this particular branch of mountain biking? Where we can find other people who do this all the time? Is this considered Enduro? Marathon? Epic? or 24Hr? as all seem to be related.

Mmm. There are enduro events like Trailbreaks, but most of them are over the summer and you’ll be training in winter. The main options are to do some Trailquests. There are no specific websites. You’ll find people who’ve ridden similar events (i.e. TransRockies and La Ruta de los Conquistadores) on Singletrack and Bikemagic forums and also on the US MTBR and DirtRag Forums.

Hardtail or full-suss? I assume it’s full-suss if we can afford £4K+ for a bike, but otherwise it’s a tough call? In your blog it sounded like hardtail made it hurt you more? That sounds like a bad idea then, or is it worth the pain for the extra uphill speed?

I would say a hardtail with disc brakes is fine but I would upgrade to a Ritchey WCS carbon seatpost and quality saddle like an SDG Bel Air RL Titanium. I was lucky to be riding a custom built Titanium bike engineered for endurance racing costing well over £4k all in, but my team mate was on a £1400 bike with a few upgrades. He didn’t change the seatpost, but wished he had. Make sure your shocks are serviced and setup or you prior to the race. Replace the gear cables, chain, cassette and big and middle rings before the event. Convert the wheels to run tubeless withe sealant – speak to Jon at Just Riding Along for advice. We rode ultra skinny 1.9 Maxxis Larsen TTs with JRA Milk in them and had no punctures.

What would you have done differently?

Trained more in a hot climate – a Canary Islands trip would have been ideal. Listened to my body more and sought medical help earlier. Planned for communication breakdowns with my team mate.

A third of the way up...

What’s the question I should be asking that I don’t know to ask because I’m a dumb novice?

Nutrition. Get some advice and used to using the products you intend to use well in advance of the race so your body gets used to them. Eat as much as possible during the race. Take food with you that you are used to – don’t rely only on what is provided as it may not be to your taste. Pay the extra for using the nutrition stops during the race so you can pick up new waterbottles at each checkpoint.

Anything else?

In terms of the race it should be awesome next year with the likelihood of the start being moved a lot closer to Cape Town. If it happens the routes will be all new and probably a lot hillier and more technical. If it starts in Gordon’s Bay and goes around the surrounding mountainous area there will be plenty of climbing and although it won’t be as hot,  there will be some seriously good views over the ocean. I guess everyone will find out more at the official launch in October. Will I be there? Maybe…

South African Adventure Begins
March 19th, 2007

The trip to the southern hemisphere for the Cape Epic race starts today. This time tomorrow if all goes to plan we’ll be in Cape Town and about to leave for Port Elizabeth. It’s going to be ace.

Updates from the race should appear here on the site as we progress. Over and out.

In South Africa
March 19th, 2007

Between 19th March and 4th April Cris Bloomfield and Tyrrell Basson from will be in South Africa. Specifically between the 24th and 31st March they will be racing under the banner in Singletrack and Independent Fabrication kit at the Cape Epic – the world’s largest mountain bike race and one of the most challenging. Keep and eye out for the riders 152-1 and 152-2 on the official Cape Epic Website.

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