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Cheri Mills takes on the Elite
March 28th, 2013


My good friend Cheri Mills recently made the podium in the Afan round of the UK Gravity Enduro series last weekend. What a top result amongst some well known names!

Elite Women
1st No. 151: Moseley, Tracy – Sponsor: T mo racing/trek. Time 05:05.3
2nd No. 152: Gaskell, Helen – Sponsor: None. Time: 05:28.6
3rd No. 157: Mills, Cheri – Sponsor: Twelve50 Bikes. Time: 05:40.9

Cheri has an impressive Palmares including Welsh National Cross Country Champion and Winner of the Isle of Man End to End. Coming from a background in Triathlon and with an interest in other cross over sports such as motorbike trail riding she will definietly be one to watch. She’s sponsored by twelve50 bikes based in Frodsham, Cheshire.

March 3rd, 2013

Took the Ti Crown Jewel out for its first ride this weekend. I didn’t have any shoes, but ordered some Mavic Avenge Maxis that arrived last week so no more excuses! Put some paint protection on to protect against cable rub and then scooted out. I love the detail on this bike, Independent Fabrication have gifted it with some really nice touches.

Independent Fabrication Titanium Crown Jewel

Independent Fabrication Titanium Crown Jewel

Independent Fabrication Titanium Crown Jewel

After the initial shock of riding a road bike again after such a long spell off a bike with 23mm rubber, two things became apparent. It rides well and fits very nicely. I might shift the saddle back a little, but I’d like to get some more mileage in on it first. No sore shoulders from the ride which is a good sign.

The shakedown fulfilled it’s purpose. Loose headset, bars not clamped tightly enough in the stem and a slightly sticky free hub. The latter is no so easy to fix, but only manifests at standstill when trying to back pedal. It’s the side effect of buying a second hand wheel set and having had the same problem on a pair of Crossmax, I’m not relishing trying to banish it.

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