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Something and Nothing
January 22nd, 2012

Well not much going on in the world of riding at the moment. Since New year I’ve yet to put tyre rubber into contact with trail dirt and it’s not looking particualrly likely to happen any time soon. Even riding to work has taken a beating as I often find myself in a situation where it is more practicable to walk to work than ride in. Still the days I have been on the bike have been fairly uneventful.

Partly this is due to using the new “safe route” and avoiding the knobheads who’d generally try and kill you on the way home and the also in part due to being more prepared. So when the HID ran out of juice a week or so ago, I just turned on a back up. Even the weather is playing nice. The harsh winter never arrived, there’s been very little frost or ice and as a result it’s been happy days on the commute any way. There’s even been some good sunsets, which is a rarity in Manchester given the sky is usually obscured by rain clouds this time of year.

Manchester Sunset

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