Mountain Bike Shenanigans

Jack Reading
April 28th, 2011

Jack is one of the Sport Scholars here at The University of Manchester and is a bit handy on a bike. Check out this video of him getting in some training in the Spanish Heat. Why is it that video always makes downhill look so flat when the reality is so steep?

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April 27th, 2011

I saw a biker being tended to by the side of the road today at the second set of lights on the way into work. He’d had a coming together with a blue Skoda Fabia and was nursing either a badly bruised or broken thigh. I hope it’s only the former. Sometimes seeing the aftermath is worse that the actual event. It leaves your mind free to contemplate what might have happened to cause the crash.

Rekindled Love
April 24th, 2011

Back from a holiday in France and exploring some more of the local trails near our home there. The weapon of choice for this trip was the Ti Deluxe which has now had it’s brakes professionally serviced (tried and failed the DIY route without the proper Magura bleed kit). After a 60km ride with 1000m of climbing I am backĀ  in love with the bike and have to admit to not really remembering why I stopped riding it in the first place. It’s a great bike – the only other work needed was a quick tweak to the cones on the rear Chris King hub and I wrapped some insulating tape around the rear disc hose to stop it rattling in the titanium braze ons. The trails were dry and dusty…

Ain Biking

Ain Biking

Ain Biking

April 9th, 2011

I’d forgotten how good it is to sneak in a mid week ride. After fantastic weather on Wednesday I was looking forward to escaping the city and heading back over to North Wales. The disappointment at waking to see Mancunian drizzle on Thursday morning, was matched by it’s incescent downpour to the extent I went back into the house to get waterproofs.

The rain might have stopped around Chester, but the reprive was short lived and on the 30 minute uphill climb from Neil and Lardy’s to Llandegla the weather and low cloud returned. Arriving soggy at the cafe meant it was only fair to warm up again by having some tea and cake before heading up the main climb. It was great to blitz around the near empty trails and ride the skills areas without the unspoken judgement of people half your age and ten times better than you watching an amateurish performance. I still have no idea how your supposed to get enough speed into those first skill area big jumps to clear them all.


Pea soup type low cloud and the kind of tacky trails that suck all the power out of your legs didn’t deter from the moment. It was great to ride around knowing colleagues were at work and that you’d played the trump card and escaped. The discovery of a slow puncture in the front wheel and a broken spoke in the back didn’t spoil it either. Must do it again.

Words of Warning
April 6th, 2011

If your clipless pedals have a tendency to eject you when you least expect it, then riding home in traffic and taking one hand off the bar to gesticulate at the bus driver who has just cut you up, coupled with an timely pothole could be enough to put your foot in the spokes of front wheel. Nearly died, did look like a complete eejit and do have a buckled wheel.

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