Mountain Bike Shenanigans

Weather Conditions…
November 30th, 2009

…can be best described as wet. Rugby match on Friday night (Sale vs Wasps) cancelled due to pitch conditions and the southern softies running off home. Match on Sunday cancelled because the pitch resembled a lake. Riding achieved: nil.

This list of top dangers to commuters appeared recently:

  1. Buzzing
  2. Dooring
  3. Drivers who park on the bike lane
  4. Pulling out too close to the cyclist
  5. Driving too close – tailgating
  6. Harassment
  7. Left Hook/Right Hook
  8. Distracted Drivers
  9. Indicating late, or not at all

Read more about each category here.

Nothing to See Here
November 24th, 2009

Riding at the moment is a cold and wet affair. Despite all the strong winds that have blown down trees, torrential rains that have washed away bridges and numpty pedestrians, I’m still here. Doing a bit of web development work too.

November 16th, 2009

I caved in this morning. faced with the prospect of a very hefty courier bag full of gear that needed to be hauled into work I surrendered to the fact that I would have to check my tyres if i didn’t want to pinch flat them on the way to work. They’d only dropped to 80 psi, but putting them back up to 120 made the whole bike feel different.

At lunch I decided it was time to update my ride journal over at MapMyRide. I’m not very organised at doing this, so it’s been the end of August since I filed any daily records. The only things in there are the occasional big ride at the weekend. After spending 15 or so minutes adding in entries, I thought it would be good to do some year on year comparison. How many miles have I done this year so far? How does this compare to the previous year?

Can I do this comparison? No. Why Not? Because the MoFos at MapmyRide have changed it now so unless you pay them $12 a month you cannot get more than 12 months of stats. $6 a month only gets you 12 months. What other added value to you get for $144 per year? No adverts. Not a great incentive.

So the question is. What to do next…

Lowering the Pressure
November 12th, 2009

About the most exciting thing on the commute over the last week or so has been the fact that I haven’t bothered to check my tyre pressures. The excitement of playing the low tyre pressure vs puncture risk lottery is quite demoralising. At the most the fact there are a mixture of wet leaves, quite a lot of diesel spills and wet roads is adding some interesting handling into the mix. Perhaps then there is something to be said for not running 120psi this time of year. What is needed is some proper riding, so roll on the weekend.

Winter Boots
November 6th, 2009

It’s been cold and wet enough this week to justify getting the winter boots out. My Shimano workhorses have to be some of the best biking kit I’ve ever bought in terms of value for money and function. If only they had toe studs they’d be the best thing going for cold weather riding. Not much else to report really other than the brakes on the Roadrat are driving me mad. Pretty much anything more than gentle power will pull the non-driveside forward in the track drop outs. I really need to either: ditch the Hope disc brakes for some v-brakes; get another set of chain tensioners; or get some bolt up QRs and stop complaining about this.

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