Mountain Bike Shenanigans

Brian Lopes Gets Angry
September 30th, 2009

Real life whodunnit drama!


Get the backstory over at

September 24th, 2009

Today a new bar has been set, a new record for idiots on the roads in cars with a record four incidents on the way into work.

1. Asian minicab driver in a silver Toyota Avensis tries to execute a right turn across a crossroads into the path of the oncoming traffic. Problem was at that point the oncoming traffic was me so he received a wake up call with a cheery “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU F’ING DICK?”. Which he heard even over his banging Asian beats.

2. Next set of traffic lights some woman in a Green Skodia Octavia Estate jumps a blatant red light and does the same. I’d spotted this one happening and had actually based through the junction by the time she completed it. This rather annoyed the bloke in the black Audi S3 behind me who gave a good old foghorn blast on his horn, then dropped the clutch and launched off the junction in a fury of squealing tyres, burning rubber and turbo psst.

3. Nissan van stopped at the set of traffic lights with hazards on midway through the Bends of Fury. Sitting there reading the paper whilst blocking a lane as far as I could tell. It did make the other drivers rather furious. Maybe he was doing it on purpose.

4. Woman in a pale blue and ancient Toyota Corolla stopped LOOKING AT A MAP on the slip road off the Mancunian way whilst blocking the whole thing. Sheer genius, clearly she had a death wish as it’s pretty much blind and cars are doing about 40 mph at that point.

Commuter Lottery
September 21st, 2009

Students are back in the City, so the commuting lottery will now commence. The traffic today was horrendous and I suspect that tempers will be shortened, as irritated and impatient drivers start doing stupid things. Like trying to kill me. Still I’m quite liking Autumn so far. It seems to be significantly drier than the summer.

Say What?
September 14th, 2009

Made plans to ride this weekend but never touched the trails. I think my body was telling me it was run down and my brain took the hint. Instead it was two days of shopping, tidying, fettling and doing odd jobs. Today I feel like I’ve ridden a 24hr race. My legs feel heavy and my thought is cloudy. The Merc CLK55 that came withing 6 inches of my bars on the way in barely raised an eyebrow and I couldn’t be bothered to berate the fool who edged out and jumped the lights on his hardtail with slicks whilst listening to Hed Kandi or some other tunes pumping into his brain via horrible fluoro green headphones. I was concentrating too hard on the ride. I think there’s an ear infection involved and I feel rubbish.

Six Days
September 11th, 2009

Sunday: Engaging ride in the Peak District on the Singlespeed
Monday: Commute in to work in the rain
Tuesday: Stonking blast home with a tail wind
Wednesday: Chilly weather is back for the second day in a row.
Thursday: Chain came off again accelerating away from the lights
Friday: Amazing tow in to work in the slipstream of a van

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