Mountain Bike Shenanigans

Raging Bike
March 31st, 2009

Being overtaken by the rider of a Navy Blue Bianchi Pista didn’t cheese me off this morning. I’d past him at a set of lights earlier on the commute into work and he caught back up and passed me as I was slowing for the next set of lights. The thing that annoyed me was the way he made absolutely no effort to stop for the lights that were on red and sailed nonchalantly through them. I ended up stuck at the next two sets of lights which also turned to red just as I reached them.

I haven’t worked out if I’m more annoyed about being overtaken by someone who jumped the lights and that as I didn’t give chase I wasn’t able to catch them up after that or whether it was the fact that because I didn’t, I ended up getting red lighted three times on the way to work. I’d like to adopt the My Name is Earl approach to this and think that karma will even things up in the long run…

Trail Riding
March 29th, 2009

Saturday was very changeable weather wise so the decision was taken to head out on Sunday when the weather was much more favourable. The predictions were right and the conditions in the White Peak were good, sunshine, blue skies and a brisk spring chill in the air.


The riding through the Derbyshire Dales gave plenty of opportunity to check out what was going on, which can be summed up as lots of lambs being looked after by sheep. The Tissington Trail and High Peak Trail were linked together to provide something a little more interesting than a straight there and back route.

March 24th, 2009

Yesterday I had a go on a Watt bike. To be honest I’ve felt better, I seem to be fighting off some sinus head cold thing again, so after my first effort I had the full on shakes and felt light headed and weak. Output 1210w. Went off and came back an hour and half later and had a second crack at it and managed to crank out 1311w. Still no where near the 2000w that Chris Hoy can manage, but still an interesting experiment.

Watt Bike

I’d like to try and get some fitness back and have another go. Surely I can break 1500w?

Gone Cold
March 19th, 2009

Brrr. It’s gone cold again. The brief warm spell didn’t last long, but it seems like weeks since it’s rained, so I can’t complain about it to be honest! I’m not fond of getting wet on the commute. Looks like I’ll be moving offices in the next month. This may present some challenges in terms of commuting and access to secure bike storage and showers, but we’ll see what happens next… Dan Barham has a spangly new website, ch-check it out.

Go(ing) Chilly
March 19th, 2009

I’d been meaning to give Chilly some rep for his fund raising efforts last Friday for Comic Relief. The crazy fool decided to do a ride to raise some cash, but it was no ordinary ride. It was a monkey bike ride – check out the footage.

The event was the culmination of not-very-much planning and a beer fueled night in the pub. The video was filmed by Neil and is now up on You Tube. It’s 5 miles from the Island site to the Broadland business park but the ride started on the top floor of an office block and Chilly rode all the floors before getting outside, you can see from the film that he didn’t stop!

It’s no surprise he felt the effects the next day – he was riding for 3:20hrs!

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