Mountain Bike Shenanigans

Cheeky Commuter
April 29th, 2008

A while ago I mentioned that I was converting the Harry Hall into a singlespeed for commuting to work. It’s been running well ever since and the initial gearing has proved to be spot on 50:16. It ain’t fixed, it ain’t that pretty, at just over 18lb it’s not that light, but it’s comfy, quick and simple.

Harry Hall Urban Bike

So there we go it’s cobbled together with the bits that didn’t get stripped off as part of singlespeed conversion, a 130mm Thomson stem and some Azonic Double Wall Flatbars chopped down to road width. Thanks to Cy and Kelvin for the Gusset conversion kit and to Stu N for the brake levers. Some more pictures in the bikes section.

April 25th, 2008

It’s lunch time and I’m inhaling tomato and basil soup whilst sinking up to my eyeballs in <?php> code. There’s more windows open on my Mac than I can count and even using spaces it’s a bit of and exercise to get enough dual display desktop space to juggle all the things that are going on. Of course things aren’t necessarily going to plan either. Why is x happening if I do y, when it shouldn’t be. Why isn’t z working at all?

I’m solving issues but just finding more. Is it time to start a clean sheet? Or do I push on to the end. It’s a bit like a mountain biking mechanical when you’re in a situation that’s as far from home, help or civilisation as you could be and either tracking back or pushing forward are going to be as tough as each other. This afternoon is booked up with meetings and my productive roll is shortly going to come to an end. Why does it always happen like this? I take a quick look at iTunes. It’s paused mid way through a track, Troubles by Alicia Keys. How appropriate.

Take the Challenge
April 21st, 2008

Shamelessly stolen from dR jOn, are your ready for the 2 Mile Challenge?

News and Trek
April 20th, 2008

Sea Otter is on over in the US with lots of new stuff on show. Chipps is out in California for Singletrack and is reporting on the new arrivals. In other news Trek have announced an end to their long standing partnership with Lemond. It seems that Lemond’s very public feeling on Lance Armstrong and other matters have become too much for the big corporation to live with. Cyclingnews have the full article.

Left to Die
April 16th, 2008

I don’t often post up local news items, but this one is particularly shocking:

Detectives in Manchester have appealed for help to trace car thieves who left a man to die by the roadside. Stephen Wills died after being knocked from his bike on Princess Road in the early hours of Saturday. The stolen Volkswagen Golf used in the incident was found abandoned and burnt out shortly afterwards, police said. Three white men were seen running from the scene. The car had been stolen from outside a house following a burglary on Friday night.

The full article is on the BBC news website. The part that particularly grates is this bit: “The person who called police told officers they had seen people driving around Stephen as he lay on the road. A post-mortem examination showed that he died as a result of head injuries, but that he also had two broken legs which could have been caused by being run over by a car”.

If I saw someone lying in the middle of the road I wouldn’t just drive around them. Quite why other people felt it was okay to do so is beyond any justifiable reason I can think of.

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