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Back from the Mountains
April 27th, 2005

I’m back from the Alps. There was plenty of snow (including several feet of powder and tracking fresh lines off piste on the Stockhorn glacier was the highlight of the ‘boarding) and there was also lots of road tripping: Saas Fee, Chamonix, Verbier, Vevey… as well as Zermatt. An interesting mix of destinations fer shure. There’s some photo’s coming soon.

So what’s new? Well keepin’ it real in BC, Ticket2Ride (T2R) is a Canadian mountain bike tour firm keen to show you the best of what is on offer. Following on from Mark Alker’s exploits in the canadian territories in the most recent issue of Singletrack, Canada is an increasingly popular destination with mountain bikers, looking to explore outside of Europe. T2R is the brainchild of Scott Lanzi and since 2003 has been promoting the riding, lifestyle and culture of the mountain biking community in Whistler. From 5 day tours to bespoke guided custom trips they’re looking to put a constant smile on peoples faces and inspire new levels of riding ability. Check it out.

Is it for real? Is Cipo really going to call it a day? I can’t see it being the same without the big man, but he has faded a bit from his glory days over the last few years. I think Lance may be doing the right think with his plans to step down from racing after this year’s Tour de France.

This is a reminder that viruses are really very bad and not good for your computer.

Get Away
April 13th, 2005

I’m off out to Switzerland on Sunday. There’s still some snow out there apparently so Snowboarding should definitely be an option. It’s been over two years since I went boarding in Andorra and I’m looking forward to getting back out on the slopes and getting some late season sunshine.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to read some other sites and see what’s been happening on t’internet. I notice that Dave has had a bit of a rethink about his site over here, all that lovely photography isn’t there at the moment, but I’m sure some of it will be back soon.


This is a new site, bearbackbiking, that I found on Singletrackworld not so long ago. It comes highly recommended by Jed because the person behind it also has a passion for trying to fit mountain bikes into cars that really were not ever designed with transporting anything other than a driver and possibly a passenger in mind.

Going down under, it seems that 26inches are still going strong. They have some summaries of the latest news as reported else where, but have done a tidy job of putting it all together in a fairly neat and tidy package. They seem to be tied in fairly tightly with those purveyors of fine bike apparel, Lab-Gear.

Moving back into the Northern hemisphere and not too far from here, the site redesign and improvement concept has led to Rob Lewis and all over at BETD to launch a new site some time since I last visited. It’s a fine looking setup and all the old stuff still seems to be on there, plus lots of new bits and pieces.

There’s more on the new RockShox over at the Bike magazine website and those crazy fixed geared offroaders have made a seasonal adjustment to the 63XC site. I don’t know if it was tied into the equinox or anythin, but it’s all good. A bit like Corty now being in Canada. I’m now the only one of the three Chris’ still in the UK. And if I include our recent export to Norway (how’s it going out there?) I’m feeling even more left out.

Now the road bike project is still in a fairly infantile stage. I’ve sorted a saddle out now, so I’m only a complete groupset and a pair of wheels away from a bike. Then I’ll find out if the frame fits. In the mean time Lance is wondering yet again how long he can be bothered to race the big events, when he seems to get such a buzz at just rocking up at small town events and mixing it up with the locals. I suppose that it’s unlikely he’ll be seen on a Cannondale anytime soon.

Over and out.

New Look
April 10th, 2005

I’ve finally transferred all the old content over to this new site format and added in a lot of stuff that wasn’t on here before. I’m pretty please with the results – there’s been a lot of work involved.

Despite the removal of what was considered the most dangerous section of cobbles on the Paris-Roubaix parcours – the dreaded Forêt d’Arenberg – the lead rider for French team Cofidis, Stuart O’Grady, believes Sunday’s epic race could actually be harder without the famously-brutal section.

“Before you could feel the race would chill out a bit (after Arenberg), as the race would then enter good sections of asphalt, they would take in some food and drinks and then prepare for the next section. But now, they’ve replaced it with absolute goat-tracks, it’s constantly twisting left and right; there just no place to recover,” he said. “It’s just going to be full-on.” (Cyclingnews)

Boonen won the Paris-Roubaix, just beating Hincapie, which is a good result. There’s been some interesting kit setup for this event including soft-tail OCLV Treks and dodgy drilled stems.

Finally I don’t follow football too closely, but I did find this result very amusing. Good effort from the Norfolk boys.

New Pads
April 8th, 2005

The muddy gritstone of the north has claimed another set of brake pads, the only issue is this only became apparent as I was assembling the bike out of the car at the beginning of last nights ride. It doesn’t inspire much confidence to know the only thing slowing you down is metal on metal where there should be disc composite. Front wheel braking was used more than normal which was interesting given the riding was on the wet and slippery side where you don’t really want the front wheel getting squirrelly on the descents.

Glass. Metal. Ceramic. Stone. Look how it get’s this penny: Good as new! This Cillit Bang remix made it onto Radio 1 this morning – for someone that’s fairly good publicity. I hadn’t heard the E-Sure remix either – calm down dear – it’s surely a winner. The otherone still doing the rounds albeit now in dubbed version is the annoying sound

I’ve been looking for some ways to do things on the web recently and came across the SlayerOffice site. There’s some really neat solutions on there and I’m thinking of what I can build in and where.

Finally this is a bit cheeky and this is bad news for the Macclesfield Forest Downhill Course. And this is a bit Intense.

Velodrome Action
April 5th, 2005

Friday night was the long awaited cheeky velodrome session. A load of mountain bikers, many with singlespeed riding experience, some with fixed riding experience and a few that had ridden the track before. It was good three hour session with a bit of racing, a bit of falling off and probably too much baggy clothing and too many peaked helmets to be aerodynamically efficient, but that wasn’t really the main objective…

More photos here and here

April Fools was disappointing really. I think I read something about the EU banning right hand drive cars in Europe in the near future, but I though this novelty fondue set was probably more likely to catch people out.

Recent research has revealed just how important your ranking in google and other top search engine is to actually getting people visiting your site. The higher the rank and therefore the higher up the page you are, recent research has now demonstrated, really does affect the likelihood that your site will be favoured over those results lower down the page.

Check out these vintage wool jerseys. Some classics that are now being reproduced in high quality merino, the Alfa Romeo top look great. Finally there’s some great work on the preloaded site – check out the heart attack link for a clever redesign of an arcade classic and shooting stars.

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