Mountain Bike Shenanigans

January 31st, 2005

I am very impressed with the follwoing website and also like the way Andy Foulds has used his name as an influencing factor in the design. A throughly nice bit of design.

Specialized seem determined to keep at the top and have added another strong rider to their MTB XC team.

This link is for Jed. This is for people who like (bike) porn.

I’m thinking of snow and Switzerland.

January 25th, 2005

Got a bike? Occasionally lock it up somewhere and think it’ll be safe? Watch this and think again. I think the angle grinder moment is particularly cool. Did Kryptonite test the New York Lock against that?

So starting as I mean to go on this year, the mountain bike season followed on from last weekend’s trip to the Peak District with a trip home to the east and the silky Singletrack of Thetford Forest. With a car full of bikes and gear and the Sexmidget in-tow, following a stop off at Chelmer Cycles for a pint with Matt and to unload Jon before heading up to Norfolk, all was set for meeting up on race day.

Sunday was a fantastic high pressure bluebird winter day (wallpaper here). Only problems was this resulted in about double the number of usual competitors turning up to compete. So after standing around in the cue to sign on for about an hour we didn’t have much time before the gun went and everyone set off.

Mental note: do not attempt to alter gearing just before the start of an event. Sure enough I managed to loose a chain ring bolt in the back of the car despite taking great care (eventually found in the lip seal of the boot) and in combination with (in my opinion) not giving people enough time to get ready after they’d finished signing on, as the gun went off I and several others were not at the start line.

So I reckon by the time I finished reassembling the bike, changed from alpine insulation into racing kit and basically managed to haul my arse into a ready to go state, I had a deficit of around 10 minutes on everyone else. Well that’s my excuse for the results.

The event was definitely improved by the presence of the semi mobile land anchor known as the Cheeky Sound System. A fairly impressive piece of kit being towed by some nutters from Chelmsford.

Anyway I rode consistently and despite feeling like I needed to retch in the last singletrack section and loosing two places, overall I managed to claw back enough places to at least feel respectable and look suitably slack from a singlespeed perspective. Roll up the next race. The new IF is without doubt the best bike I have ever ridden in the forest.

Now then I seem to be getting an ever increasing amount of crap e-mails these days whhich is mildy annoying and if it’s a sting that’s a banking or financial scam, I report them, but tell me please, what the fuck is the point of sending replies like the one below? I know it’s a con you muppets, that’s why I’ve e-mailed you.


Thank you for writing to eBay regarding the email you received.

Emails such as this, commonly referred to as “spoof” or “phished” messages, are sent in an attempt to collect sensitive personal or financial information from the recipients.

The email you reported was not sent by eBay. We have reported this email to the appropriate authorities.

In the future, be very cautious of any email that asks you to submit information such as your credit card number or your email password. eBay will never ask you for sensitive personal information such as passwords, bank account or credit card numbers, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), or Social Security Numbers in an email. If you ever need to provide sensitive information to us, please open a new Web browser, type into your browser address field, and click on the “site map” link located at the top the page to access the eBay page you need…

Never under estimate the intelligence of animals and never over estimate the intelligence of people.

Winter Racing
January 16th, 2005

After working in the bike shop on Saturday to keep my hand in on the wonderful world of bikes I made it out for my first ride of the year today. I did manage to set eyes on one of the new Enduro’s, an SX Trail and I have to say that I am impressed with the design and build. The bikes look a lot better in reality than they do in the photos I’ve seen. I think that’s raised my interest in a new full susser for this year and this looks like the favourite.

I also managed to pick up a few bits and pieces that I’ve been waiting for, like th missing top cap off my Z1 Freeride SLs that seemed to take forever to arrive as a spare part. I do have to say that all in all I have yet to be impressed by Windwave’s Marzocchi support, which is disappointing because the forks are all great.

So back to today – Holy Mary Mother of God! Not only have I managed to give myself a monster dead leg in a classic over the handlebars into a big peatbog puddle on todays ride in the Dark Peak, I’ve just stubbed my foot whilst doing the vacuuming and managed to rip off the big toenail on my left foot! It hurts like a bastard and there’s blood everywhere. Where’s the medicinal alchohol? I hope these things don’t occur in three’s because the pain level is escalating.

This is the new Trek Discovery Channel (former US Postal) team bike – looks good from here.

This is the radical new full suspension design that looks set to be developed for Yeti’s downhill rigs next year.

And next Sunday (23rd Jan 2005) will see XC racing returning to Thetford in the form of the second round of this year Marin Thetford Winter Series, the course this time has been extended to 16 Miles and rather than be in the form of last races 2 or 4 hour event, will be a 1 or 2 lap event. I’ll be there.

Looking Ahead
January 12th, 2005

So it’s 2005. What does this year have in store? Last year started well with lots of riding and gradually tailed off, effectively ending in August. Bit of a bugger that, but then this year might well be the inverse unless I get my act together. So wit that in mind I’ve already started looking at what I want to be doing in terms of riding and racing and events.

This year I’m going to get some riding in stateside and make why over to Pennsylvania for the SSWC in State College. It might be an extended weekend trip, but I’m going make that race. Over here in the UK there are a few rides I’ve still got in mind and at least one of them is going to involve some overnighting and carrying of kit.

So what about bikes? Well there’s a shiny road bike to get built up and some miles to cover on the tarmac, but as to whether there’ll be any new additions to the bike collection I really don’t know. I suppose it’s something that can never be ruled out, because there’s a lot of riding ahead.

Lots of new kit starting to filetr through and Cyclingnews are keeping up well with the task of highlighting it here, here and here. This combination of expensive metals has produced quite possibly the lightest mountain bike suspension forks in the world – check out the Spinner Aeris. Seems to be a definite lack of technical info about them which is a bit worrying.

Petrolhead Jed found this on the t’internet: Fat ass motorbiking. I’m thinking about the fact the days are getting longer and the fact that Apple have just brought out a new iPod and a new Mac.

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