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It’s Crimbo
December 23rd, 2004

: H A P P Y : C H R I S T M A S :

News, post-christmas update and a summary of the year with the first update of 2005. In the mean time drink and carnage beckon.

Another Year Nearly Over
December 18th, 2004

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much in the way of cycling news or info recently. Basically that’s because there hasn’t been a huge amount that I think is worth talking about. The UCI and the organisers of the three grand tours are currently embroiled in an argument over the implementation of a ProTour – effectively a cycling premiership of the top teams that is supposed (although not currently looking very likely) to be effective from the beginning of next year. Anyway you can catch up on events over at Cyclingnews.

IMBA have also released their annual report card which rates trails on a global basis based on the feedback from trail users. Scotland and Wales both achieved top marks with Scotland being ranked 5th in the world for good trails behind Utah, Idaho, British Columbia and Colorado. There is a summary article here and a more comprehensive report over on the IMBA site.

This week went quickly, but provided an opportunity to catch up with some friends. Thursday night was a trip up to Todmorden for a farewell nightride for Chris and was a further test for the new singlespeed. The forks definitely need a firmer spring in them, because at the moment getting full travel too easily and consequentially are a bit boingtastic.

I’m also beginning to wonder if the Stadium batteries are getting a bit long in the tooth. Don’t seem to be getting the burn time they should according to the battery life indicator. the question is what to replace them with. At the moment these are looking favourite:

Discussion about next years events has already started, but for some next year is dependent on this year being successfully completed first, probably to the accompaniment of barking. Macpupmeister is on a mission.

The movies on this website are all generated using a copy of Halo and a lot of patience. Take a look at Red vs Blue. The real life vs t’internet is how I came across the site, but that was from over at On which you can find some excellent games including this Boston-based snowplow one.

December 11th, 2004

I think it’s safe to say winter is here. Things are looking quite grey out the window from where I’m sitting, but plans are already forming for next year in terms of big rides, trips abroad and races. It’s not even the New Year and entry forms are being made available for some the seasons biggest events. Planned events are now marked up on the racing schedule.

The big thrash seemed to generate a very respectable amount of sponsorship. It was a while ago now, but I thought it was worth a link back. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to Todmorden was an ambitious route.

Thanks to the Cyclesurgery for a gratuitous link. Here is the trailer for New World Disorder 5 (NWD5). What is this about? This is one large mofo you wouldn’t have wanted to bump into when you’re out snorkelling on the reef – well you won’t be anymore.

Whilst wearers of Big Jonny’s LiveWrong bracelets will be fine, this is not good news for the wwearers of the original yellow bands:

From: Associated Press
Date: 10 December 2004

A hospital chain is taping over patients’ LiveStrong wristbands because they are yellow — the same color as the “do not resuscitate” bands it puts on patients who do not want to be saved if their heart stops.

No mix-ups have been reported, but BayCare Health Systems officials do not want to take any chances.

The popular LiveStrong rubber bracelets are sold through the Lance Armstrong Foundation as part of the champion bicycle racer’s efforts to raise money for cancer research.

“It could be confusing, particularly in the situation of a code or a cardiac arrest where people have to think very quickly,” said Lisa Johnson, vice president of patient services at Morton Plant Mease Health Care, which is part of the chain. “We wouldn’t want to mistake a Lance Armstrong bracelet and not resuscitate someone we’re supposed to.”

Hospitals use colored bracelets to quickly tell doctors, nurses and other staff special instructions for certain patients. For example, at BayCare Health hospitals purple bands mean the patient is at risk of falling; red means the patient has allergies. Not all hospitals use the same coloring system.

Remembering Dibnah
December 5th, 2004

Yesterday I managed to get out and ride. It really is the first time I’ve ridden since this years SITS, because there was the usual collection of energy bar debris and spares kicking about in the bottom of the camelbak. Anyway it was a bit of a shakedown ride for the new singlespeed and there were lots of things that needed a bit of tweaking and adjustment. End result is I’m very pleased with the new bike, but I need to get out and ride more. A lot more.

Macpuppy is now only one bivvi away from his aim of sleeping out in the big outdoors every month for a year. Now he’s expected certain people who can’t join him on his final Scottish adventure to join him on a series of satellite bivvi’s. Conference calls are to be expected on the 22nd December. Where to stay, that’s the question.

I read the Da Vinci Code when I was on holiday. These days it seems that some people have difficulty differentiating fiction from fact. Which is a bit worrying really. I mean if someone wrote a book about raindows and buried pots of gold…

There was a tribute to Fred Dibnah on the TV last night. The man with the big character from Bolton has finally lost his recent battle with the big C. He will be missed by many.

Get Off my Volvo
December 1st, 2004

Let’s start with a bit of a come back to yesterday’s post. Top marks for content and speed of submission.

From: MacPuppy
Subject: The Silent Treatment

I think Katie is in need of a good night out…

A good night out

Usefully the Alaskan Pup has also sent these two vital documents which may be familiar in nature:

::: Permission form for women ::: Permission form for men :::

Jed needs to check out this site if he is still riding the self-sustaining power of one bike. Other fixies or wannabes better take a look too. Other singlespeeders / antisinglespeeders and the everyone else might be interested in this. It’s old but I missed it.

Well Hamilton’s scandal has finally caught up with him. I think this might have been on the cards, but it’s sad to read that it has happened. The UCIs behaviour seems a little odd. Are they trying to keep the lid on something. Worms in side you say? See if you’re top of the game you don’t have to worry about nasty surprises, only the good ones.

World Singlespeed Championships 2005 Announcement: Check the website here

Fall update Nov. 18, 2004

The leaves have fallen here in Central PA, cyclocross is coming to a head and the excitement for the Worlds is growing. With over 900 of you on the mailing list, it looks like this year¹s event just may be the largest yet.

InterBike was a blast and the industry is behind us so it’s gonna be a good one! The course is just about set and should offer challenges for every rider. From the challenging climbs, twisting ridge top trails, and fast fire roads vistas, sustained climbs, and a ‘bail out’ for the less fit. ‘Aid Stations’ will be located at key spots to re hydrate and regroup with the boys.

The date (Aug. 20/21) brings riders to town on the quietest weekend yielding empty restaurants, no crowds, and plenty of lodging. In a town used to dealing with 100,000 beer swillin¹’ rowdy football fans, we shouldn¹t even set off the radar

Registration has yet to be figured out. With so many people interested it¹s going to be tricky…be patient, please. Just to clarify, there will be spots set aside for riders from other countries, past winners, and local riders. You will be notified before registration opens!

Unlike some cycling events, this will not be about prizes. One winner per gender and everyone else is second. Whining about placing will not be tolerated. NORBA / USA Cycling will be more than happy to take your money and let you know how many seconds you got beat by…this is about gathering together for the sake of camaraderie.

As of now, look for entry fees to be $30.00. You will get your money¹s worth. T shirt, stein, belt buckle, something-food-drink-epic rides, relax.

As of now, Dirt Rag kids are looking to host a group ride for those of you flying into Pitt. As always, more to come. Derby? Surly kids are talkin¹ trash, so be set to throw down…these kids mean it. Group rides will also be heading out of town here in State College, many of us ride to the forest from town – after the main event.

OK, off to ride my bike……..(take a hint)…….go ride yours!

–Eric Roman

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